Player School - Crafting is first episode of Player School 2016, third episode of Player SchoolNotch teaches and test how to crafting


this episode begins by Notch. He wrote a crafting table on a board then he uses magic to wooden tables become to crafting tables. Students will craft thing by themselves

Everyone's activityEdit

0:18 Steve begins crafting a copper pickaxe

0:30 Fred begins crafting a Ender chest and him ender chest connect to Notch's ender chest

0:37 Fred steals diamond from Notch

0:46 Rogic begins crafting a redstone block

0:50 Redstone falling at left of crafting table

0:52 Emily begins crafting a redstone lamp

0:58 Emily throws a radstone lamp above a redstone block

1:09 Jason begins crafting a dirt ball

1:24 Mison takes a Jason's dirt ball

1:28 Mison alters a Jason's dirt ball become to dirt cone

1:40 Sam begins crafting a piston

2:05 Ken begins crafting a iron sword

2:42 Notch puts grades paper on the board


Steve - A

Fred - C

Rogic - A

Emily - B

Jason - E

Mison - F

Sam - A

Ken - B

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